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Kate Harrington



My name is Kate Harrington and I have 3 passions in life, motorbikes, Yoga and cats! I've been riding motorcycles since I was 17 years old. But it wasn't until I was competing at the IOM TT races in the late 1990's that I found Yoga.

I thought I was fit and strong, spending many hours in the gym, then I learned I wasn't flexible and didn't breathe properly. I had tight hamstrings and often complained of backache, tight shoulders and a stiff neck.

I started to practise Yoga in my local gym and after experimenting with different styles and teachers I didn't find a teacher I resonated with - I wanted Yoga to be fun, I wanted to play the music I enjoyed, so in the 2000’s I started to race Enduro and studied to be a Yoga teacher.

What has Yoga done for me?

Yoga was transformational experience for me, I no longer ached when I got off the bike, I could get smaller- out of the wind with increased flexibility, I could ride for hours due to my breathing practices.



I understand what the Motorcyclist needs from Yoga, and most don’t want to sit and chant 'Om!!' 

I created BikerYoga over the last few years after listening to myself and other Bikers discussing their aches and pains. I have developed sequences to help strengthen the core muscles, lubricate the spine, relax the hands and get movement into ankles and hips. I am testament to how BIKER YOGA can give you longevity in riding, I am still riding in my 50’s, in 2019 I rode to Everest Base Camp, which I completed pain free down to a daily 15 min BIKER YOGA Practice.


How can I help you?

I offer 1:1 and group sessions Online via Zoom or In person in my Studio in Leicester. I can travel to your Club, Rally, or Festival, to deliver a functional, fun and funky Biker Yoga Session. For more information and FREE telephone consultation please use the contact form.


I have already taught at the Adventure Bike Rider festival at Ragley Hall, and also the Women in  Motorcycling Expo at Tutbury hall.


Bikers love to balance life on two wheels. A Biker has to be fit and healthy to ride consistently for long hours. Strength, stamina, flexibility, and enthusiasm is required There is no doubt that your body needs adequate rest and serious relief too. Rather than trying a temporary fix like soaking in a bath, or ice packs on aching legs, the best and gentlest ways to heal and relax is through Yoga. 

For many people the images of yoga is people meditating,chanting, getting in weird poses. BikerYoga is a form of exercise that reduces muscle tightness, increases flexibility, prevents injury, and enhances your overall well-being.
Spending long hours hunched over handlebars can result in muscle tightness, body aches, and reduced flexibility. With a combination of stretching and strengthening poses, deep breathing exercises, it works as a total mind-body workout.
Yoga keeps muscles and joints strong, stable, and supple, flexible, increasing range of motion, calms the nervous system and helps the Biker remain mindful during the ride. It also reduces recovery time and helps you get back on the bike quicker after a demanding ride.
BikerYoga helps you to feel what the body is doing and increases body awareness. BikerYoga improves core stability and reinforces the muscles around the spine. The more balance and core stability you have, the more control you have over your bike.
You are able to ride smoother, shift your weight, and move easily. BikerYoga offers plenty of relaxing poses, deep breathing exercises, that provide instant relaxation and supply the much-needed energy required by the body.
A biker has to be always mentally alert and focused to avoid any unexpected events and possibly even accidents. With Biker Yoga you won’t be expected to chant Om or put your foot behind your head!… You’ll sing along to the sounds of AD/DC, Bon Jovi and the Chilli’s
Come and give Yoga for bikers with Kate a try...... You might just enjoy it

“I joined your BikerYoga session at ABR and wanted to drop you a line to say how brilliantly you bought together my two loves Yoga and Bikes” Fiona

"Great class this morning with Kate. I feel every muscle in my body now but it’s well worth it. Kate’s attention to detail and explaining each move is great, I would recommend her to anyone.

Oh and by the way Her cats are so funny"  Maz


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